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What does the fire incident at Numaish tell us
What does the fire incident at Numaish tell us

What Does The Fire Incident at Numaish tell us?

What does the fire incident at Numaish tell us: At 8:30 PM yesterday, there was brimming news on many Hyderabadi news channels and social media platforms saying that the Numaish is caught on fire. Everyone was awestruck to learn about the fire which had never happened before at the Exhibition, a shopping paradise to all.

Although there were no casualties, there were 7 injured, 3 reported of breathlessness and were shifted to the hospital whereas panic has caused an immense stampede at the Exhibition Ground at Nampally.

By switching on the news channels, the viewer’s soon learned as to what went wrong. There were many furious stall owners who expressed their agony and vented that the fire could have been handled easily but the first fire brigade which arrived at the exhibition did not have any water and the fireman’s, according to the witnesses, was sleepy and did not handle the situation well.

The second fire brigade had arrived half an hour late but by then, the fire spread by leaps and bounds towards many stalls. A total of 20 fire tenders and 200 fire personnel were there at the location. The stall owners from various states like Kashmir, Gujarat, etc. ranted and shed tears in vain as they saw their lakhs of materials being burned to ashes. There were 170 stalls which gutted into the fire.

While everything was scattered in chaos and turmoil, there was help being offered by the Hyderabad Metro Rail which allowed people to travel without a ticket in the metro. Pista House gave 2000 plates of Haleem to the Numaish Traders which says a lot about the chivalrousness of Hyderabad.

With all being said and done, approximately 35,000 people witnessed the fire fiasco at the Nampally Exhibition ground. It was truly a beaming horror to see the fire which destroyed everything once loved by the Hyderabadi shopaholics.

Although the officials had a completely different story of their own saying that the chaos was handled well, it can better be said that someone has to pull up their socks and learn well from this incident.

Let’s hope that fire or anything else will not be Kabaab Me Haddi at the exhibition next year.

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